Our Mission

The Roma Tre Orchestra made its debut in 2005, in response to a real need for its University to have its own permanent music venue. Today it is one of the first and one of the very few initiatives of its kind in the Italian university system.

The Orchestra is composed mostly of young musicians who are or were once enrolled in the Roma Tre University; naturally, to ensure high quality, it has embraced other promising musicians outside the University, as well as some well known soloists who have played with important national and international orchestras. This mix offers a dual function for the Roma Tre Orchestra, both as a training ground, and a spotlight for its performing arts.

Most of the musical performances of the Roma Tre Orchestra take place at the Palladium and Teatro Torlonia, a prestigious venue inside an amazing park in Rome. The director of the orchestra from its inception until 2011 was Pietro Mianiti, and Luigi Piovano from 2013 to 2017. Roma Tre Orchestra has worked under the baton of several distinguished conductors as Gunter Neuhold, Yoram David, Bruno Weinmeister, Donato Renzetti, Will Humburg, Cord Garben, Sir David Willcocks, Luciano Acocella, Francesco Lanzillotta, Alexander Sladkovsky, Marcello Bufalini, Gabriele Bonolis, Tonino Battista, Fabio Sperandio, Fabio Maestri  and many others.


From the beginning, due attention has been given to contemporary music: alongside traditional classic composers, a Roma Tre Orchestra program often features contemporary composers like Ives, Ghedini, Dall'Ongaro, D'Amico, Takemitsu, Solbiati, Widmann, Part, and Sani.

Music education

2006-2009: courses in musical instruments held by the first sections of the orchestra (violin, viola, cello, clarinet, and flute).

2010-2011-today: “Language of Music Workshop”, in collaboration with the Schools of Communications Science, Philosophy, Letters and Engineering of the Roma Tre University, aimed at bringing its students into closer contact with the culture of music.

Collaborating Institutions

June 2007: City of Rome, District: Roma XIX (symphony orchestra concert)

Fall 2008: United States Embassy to the Holy See (cycle of concerts at the Villa Richardson); Caspur (support for the courses for the various instruments).

June 2009: Participation in the International Church Music Festival (the Roma Tre Orchestra was the first Italian orchestra ever to be invited to participate in this event).

Fall 2009: Participation in The September Concert (a festival of concerts held annually in memory of the September 11th attacks).

A concert series held in collaboration with the  Accademia di DanimarcaZètema (winner of the competition “Roma in scena” [“Rome onstage”] and the Roma Tre Orchestra’s first participation in a “Notte dei musei” [“Museum Night”]); Laziodisu (winner of the competition for cultural support in 2008-2009); Caspur.

May 2010: Zètema (a new participation in the “Notte dei musei”).

Fall 2010: concert series with CIDIM (held a competition called “New Careers” 2010); Accademia di Danimarca (concert series); Zètema (a new participation in the “Notte dei musei”; Laziodisu (winner of the competition for cultural support in 2009-2010); Caspur.

United States Embassy (support for the Language of Music Laboratory); Caspur.

January 2011: Royal Embassy of Norway (symphonic concert with music by the Norwegian composer Ragnard Soderlind).

March 2011: Zètema (16 March – participation in “Notte tricolore” [“Tricolor Night”] for the 150th anniversary of the Unification of Italy).

Fall 2011: second concert series with CIDIM (held the competition “Nuove Carriere” 2011); Accademia di Danimarca (concert series); United States Embassy (new support for the Language of Music Laboratory).

Fall 2012: third concert series with CIDIM (held the competition “Nuove Carriere” 2012); Accademia di Danimarca (concert series); United States Embassy (new support for the Language of Music Laboratory).

January 2013: “Project Rousseau” in collaboration with the Swiss Embassy.

March 2013: Academic Orchestra of Würzburg University  is guested by Roma Tre Orchestra

June 2013: a concert tournée at Amici della Musica di Foligno and Amici della Musica “F. Fenaroli” in Lanciano.

Fall 2013: institutional relationship with chamber music courses by ’Accademia Nazionale di Santa Cecilia e new cicle of concerts at Denmark Academy.

January 2014: new project in collaboration with The Polish Institute of Culture 

March 2014: The Orchestra of Santa Cecilia School of Music is guested by Roma Tre Orchestra

Aprile 2014: a concert tournée at Società Aquilana dei concerti “Bruno Barattelli” and again at Amici della Musica di Foligno

September 2014: Roma Tre Orchestra is akwnoledged at Fondo Unico per lo Spettacolo by the Italian Ministery of Culture

December 2014: first collaboration with Casa di Goethe in Rome

Spring 2015: Roma Tre Orchestra includes Teatro di Villa Torlonia among its favourite venues. Solisti Aquilani guests of Roma Tre Orchestra. New project "The Film-book", in collaboration with Roma Capitale.

Summer 2015: Series of concerts in Brasil in collaboration with San Paolo Italian Institute of Culture

Fall 2015: new collaborations with Accademia Filarmonica Romana, Nuova Consonanza and Orchestra del Conservatorio di Latina.

December 2015: first public performance of Parsifal in the orchestral reduction by E. Humperdinck, thanks to the Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany to Italy 

Spring 2016: new partnership with the most distinguished ensemble I Solisti Aquilani, two concerts at Teatro Palladium

May 2016: Royal Embassy of Norway, a project with Dagfinn Koch music and tournée to Koeln

June 2016: a concert  a concert tournée at Amici della Musica di Foligno, with Luigi Piovano and Beethoven Eroica

Fall 2016: a new partnership, several concerts with Accademia Filarmonica Romana

November 2016: R3O joins the organization of Annarosa Taddei Music Competition

November 2016: a new partnership: several concerts with Nuova Consonanza and Conservatorio di Latina

Spring 2017: a big series (over 50) of chamber events with Municipality of Rome and Zetema inside roman museums

Spring 2017: a series of symphonic concerts with Regione Lazio

July 2017: Oscar winner Dario Marianelli joins R3O for a concert in Rome and a tournée to Teatro Verdi in Pordenone

Fall 2017: another series of chamber music concerts with Municipality of Rome and Zetema inside roman museums

February 2018: concert tournée at Teatro Comunale di Carpi

Easter 2018: another series of chamber music concerts with Municipality of Rome and Zetema inside roman museums

May 2018: Royal Embassy of Norway, another project with Dagfinn Koch music

July: R3O joins European Foundation for Support of Culture for the the first edition of InMusica Roma Festival

October 2018: a project with Polish Institute of Culture

November 2018: new edition of Annarosa Taddei Music Competition

Fall 2018: another series of chamber music concerts with Municipality of Rome and Zetema inside roman museums

December 2018: First edition of Maurizio Baglini Project at Teatro Torlonia

July 2019: concert tournée to Amiata Piano Festival


Other important artistic events: an overview


Fall 2007: recording of the music for the performance of "Moby Dick" by Alessandro Baricco, as part of the RomaEuropa Festival.

January 2007- May 2012: symphonic concerts at the Palladium, featuring directors, soloists and actors, to name a few: Pietro Mianiti, Luigi Piovano, Bruno Weinmeister, Federico Amendola, Massimiliano Tisano, Silvia Massarelli, Marcello Bufalini; Maurizio Baglini, Ars Trio, Marco Fiorentini, Laura Pietrocini, Emanuele Arciuli, Romolo Tisano, Giampietro Giumento, Fabiano Casanova, Claudio Amendola (the voice of “Peter and the Wolf” by Sergei Prokofiev, opening performance of the 2011 season of the Palladium), Giovanni Scifoni.

In 2013, important directors like Donato Renzetti, Will Humburg, Cord Garben, performed with the Roma Tre Orchestra. The season opened with a performance of Le Devin du Village by J. J. Rousseau. This opera was the Roma Tre Orchestra’s first lyric production, fruit of a collaboration with the Swiss Embassy. In spring of 2013, the Roma Tre Orchestra was invited to perform in a series offered by the Associazione Amici della Musica of Foligno and the Associazione Amici della Musica “F. Fenaroli” of Lanciano.



In 2007 the “Solisti della Roma Tre Orchestra” was formed, led by Marco Fiorentini, first violin of the orchestra. This group opened the 2006, 2007 and 2008 editions of the “Musica in Ateneo” Festival, held in the Aula Magna of the School of Humanities of the Roma Tre University;

on 15 June 2008 the “Solisti” closed the season concert program at the Quirinale that was aired on Radio Tre;

in October 2012 the “Solisti” took part in a production directed by Bill T. Jones for the RomaEuropa Festival at the Auditorium Conciliazione in Rome.


Press and dissemination of Roma Tre Orchestra events

The events produced by the Roma Tre Orchestra are routinely publicized in the Rome section of the main national daily newspapers, such as La Repubblica, Il Corriere della sera, and Il Messaggero.

Several recordings of the Roma Tre Orchestra’s performances have been frequently aired on the famous national 5th Channel of Filodiffusione Radio Rai, the most important radio station for classical music in Italy.


About us:

Roberto Pujia - President
Piero Rattalino - Vicepresident 
Valerio Vicari - Artistic Director 


(thanks for the translation to E. J. Radutzky and Aldo Roma)


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